The Matt McCallie Orchestra can provide nearly any size ensemble from a soloist to a band with over 20 musicians.

We're an amazing jazz and swing band, big band, R&B and Motown band, horn band, string band... we do it all.

We're what is known in the music industry as a GB band, which stands for General Business. This indicates that we cater to all event types and party styles. What this means for our clients is that we can entertain nearly any audience.

We recommend selecting instrumentation according to your song and style preferences.

Big Band          Jazz Orchestra          Jazz Combo          Horn Band          Solo Piano          Rock Band          String Quartet

We are happy to make suggestions on instrumentation and band size.

Determining an entertainment budget will help guide you in preparing your music.

If you have something special and unique in mind we would love to hear your ideas!

We're happy to customize to your needs.