Question: Can you learn new songs?

Answer: Yes, we can create custom written arrangements.

     The Matt McCallie Orchestra is constantly adding new music to its books. Even with a library of over 2,000 songs clients are always wanting something more, something new, and something personally meaningful.

     Most of the custom arrangement requests we receive are songs to be performed during processionals and interludes at wedding ceremonies and special dances during receptions.

     Our string quartet has been receiving requests for more contemporary music the past couple years. The Matt McCallie Orchestra's St Louis String Quartet is now known for having the largest library of contemporary string quartet music in the area.

     To make our arrangements as functional and flexible as possible most of our string quartet arrangements keep the melody in the 1st violin part. Bass parts are usually adapted to the cello. Inner harmonies and rhythmic significance are apportioned to the 2nd violin and viola parts. We write this way so that when performing as a smaller group like a trio or duo the melody is always present.

     Similarly, our band's arrangements are written with functionality and flexibility in mind. For example, trombone 3 parts are often playing harmonies above trombone 1. Nearly all solos are given to the 1st chair of each section. While writing this way is unconventional, it is the most practical way to write for a band that performs with a different instrumentation at each performance.

     The fact that most of our arrangements can be performed by various instruments is one of the most exciting things about our arrangements. Many of our contemporary string quartet songs can have the 1st violinist switch to singing the melody while playing guitar or piano. While still a quartet, an ensemble like this can easily transition from traditional classical music to modern Top 40 dance music.

     Pricing for custom song arrangements varies primarily by the complexity and duration of the music. We have a minimum fee of $200 for the simplest transcriptions such as having a solo vocalist play guitar and sing. This type of chart could likely be written as simply as a lead sheet. When more instruments are engaged they typically have to be written out as standard music notation. More can be learned about the types of charts we use on our Chart Types blog.

The following is a list of some of the songs clients have hired us to arrange:

At Last

Bless the Broken Road-String Quartet

Blurred Lines

Braveheart Main Title-String Quartet

Chopin Nocturne Opus 9 Number 2

Colors of the Wind-String Quartet, Voice, Guitar


Dreamy Eyes

Footloose-Orchestra, Choir

For the Love of a Princess-String Quartet

From the Ground Up-Solo Violin


Harder to Breathe

Heart of Metal

Heaven-Voice, String Quartet, Piano

Here Comes the Bride/Canon in D Medley

Here Comes the Sun-String Quartet

Into the Mystic

It Might Be You-String Quartet

King of Anything-Choir, Rock Band

Landslide-Violin & Cello

Let It Be Me

Love Story-String Quartet

My Wish-Violin & Harp

Nothing Else Matters-String Quartet

Ode to Joy/Greatest Love Story-Singer/Pianist, Violin, & Cello Trio

Over the Rainbow-String Quartet

Paradise-String Quartet

Promentory (The Gael)-String Quintet, Guitar, Percussion

Smooth Criminal-Big Band, Orchestra

So This Is Love-String Quartet

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World-String Duo

Some Nights-Choir, Rock Band, Horns

Take a Back Road-Country/Rock Band

Take Me Out to the Ballgame-Jazz Band

The Love Theme from Dances With Wolves-String Quartet, Flute, Harp

The Lord of the Rings-Solo Violin, Lindsey Stirling Version

The Man You've Become

The Way I Am

This Is It by Scotty McCreery-String Quartet

This Will Be Our Year-Voice & Guitar

Twin Peaks-Violin & Cello

Wannabe-Choir, Rock Band, Horns

Wilderness-String Quartet & Guitar

What Would You Say

You Are My Sunshine-Voice & Guitar

You Belong with Me-String Quartet

You Needed Me

You Raise Me Up-String Quartet