Question: Do we entertain gay weddings?

Answer: Absolutely!

LGBTQ+ Weddings:

     No matter how many more letters or symbols need to be added, yes, we will continue to entertain the weddings of queer, homosexual, lesbian brides to brides and grooms to grooms as we have been supporting the gay community since our inception.

LGBTQ+ Musicians:

     Many of the musicians we hire, whom you see on our website, are members of the gay community. We have always been supportive of true love, freedom, and equal rights regardless of gender, race, culture, age, nationality or identity.

Weddings We Won't Do:

     Asking if we entertain same sex weddings from clients is rare, as is whether or not there are any types of weddings we won't support, which would have nothing to do with gender

Music Heros:

     Some of the greatest pop and rock musicians of all time are from this community and we love to perform songs by these artists like George Michael, Queen, and Elton John.

Further Gay Support:

     In addition to providing music for same sex couples, we are also happy to entertain gay and lesbian events at corporate gigs and community celebrations. We have even entertained a nationwide gay organization's dinner and dance party.