Question: Can we meet in person prior to the performance date?

Answer: Yes.

Private Events:

     We are often asked if it is possible to see and hear the band live in person prior to booking. Because The Matt McCallie Orchestra primarily entertains private functions like corporate events, weddings, house parties, and birthday parties, there is rarely an opportunity to see the band live. Most private events require the band to provide very specific styles, instrumentations, and other aspects selected by the clients so these performances may be very different from what we can do for you.

McCallie Music Studio:

     What we offer instead is perhaps even better. You can visit McCallie Music Studio and meet with the director in person to learn about the entire process of running a professional orchestra. One of the most fascinating parts of the tour is seeing the amazing number of hours and intricate detail that goes into writing the music the band performs.

     The tour can also include a live performance sampling music from the band's repertoire. This can usually include vocals and guitar, sometimes piano and vocals, and even violin. On rare occasions other musicians may be available to sit in but most band members only attend and perform at paid events.

     McCallie Music Studio is located on Wild Flower Farm in Dittmer, MO. Please email to schedule an appointment. The entrance is gated with no public access.

Public Performances:

     Since public performances are very rare we strongly encourage following the band on social media. The band's Facebook page is the most frequently updated social media page and can be liked and followed for updates to posts about the band, including upcoming shows that are open to the public.

     At the top and bottom of each page on this website you will find links to our social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Why So Few Public Shows:

     The Matt McCallie Orchestra only hires experienced professionals who are career musicians, not hobbyists. Since music is their career they require appropriate remuneration. Most bands in clubs and bars play those venues for free or split $150-200 amongst their band members, often barely covering gas money. Those bands are not expecting to run their band as a professional company and do not have the overhead of business expenses.

     Most of our public shows cost more than they earn and are attended by existing fans and former clients. If we were marketing albums and selling merchandise at our performances there would be a possibility of offsetting our costs but since our focus is on our clients we must charge average GB band rates.

     We love performing concerts for the public! Such performances are rare opportunities to play the music we most enjoy including some of our award winning original songs.