String Quartet Bundles          Wedding Ceremony & Wedding Reception Music Bundles

Why Bundle Packages?

If you've done your homework on Saint Louis wedding and corporate bands you know that very few display pricing options on their websites. For years we did the same.

We are now offering bundles with dedicated pricing primarily due to demand. We respond to an average of roughly 100 inquiries each month and pricing is nearly everyone's top priority.


Making every aspect of your event as enjoyable as possible is our goal and that includes the planning process. Pricing is now more transparent and easier to select.

We continue to offer unmatched flexibility and are happy as always to customize to your needs and can use our packages as platforms to build something unique.

Select a combined wedding ceremony and reception bundle to engage our string quartet for your wedding ceremony music and our incomparable wedding band for your cocktail hour, dinner hour, and dancing during your reception; perfectly packaged for the size of your budget, venue's stage, and number of guests in the audience.

Our professional level of planning and detail will make certain every aspect of your ceremony and reception music are solidified well in advance of your big day. Our combined wedding ceremony and reception bundles are the most coordinated packages available.

VIP Orchestra

Five hours of entertainment from the most impressive band in St. Louis with over 20 musicians bundled with two hours of music performed by our string quartet for a lengthy wedding ceremony or a ceremony and cocktail hour. Our full lighting package is also included in this bundle with effects lighting for the stage and dance floor, as well as wireless venue uplighting.

Grand Orchestra

A spectacular band with nearly 20 musicians for four hours and an hour of string quartet music. If you are looking for an authentic, traditional big band jazz orchestra this is the minimum sized ensemble to select. The Grand Orchestra bundle also includes our full lighting package.

Great Orchestra

Smaller than a traditional big band while offering a full sound for smaller stages for four hours and an hour with our string quartet. Our great orchestra also includes lighting for the stage and dance floor.

Maestro Orchestra

This band has a rhythm section and vocalist plus a small horns/strings section.

Compact Ensemble

A small combo with flexible options such as an acoustic rock band or a blues or jazz combo for entertainment on a tight budget.

String Ensembles

While weddings are our main focus, many of our band and string quartet performances are for non-wedding events. Our string quartet bundles are perfect for wedding ceremonies as well as corporate functions, private parties, and other special events.


We offer multiple types of solo performers who sing and play guitar or piano, violin, trumpet, saxophone, cello, and other options. For more information be sure to visit our soloist webpage.

Decorative Uplighting

Uplighting is one of the most elegant and simple ways to decorate a space. It shines from the floor along a pillar or wall all the way up to the ceiling. You can choose from our selection of solid colored beams to match the theme of your party. Best of all, we have wireless uplighting available! As with most of our stage and dance floor lighting, our wireless uplighting also has built in microphones and can be programmed to change colors at the same tempo as the music.

Our uplighting fee is $40 per fixture which includes setup, programming, and teardown. For medium to large ballrooms 10 lights will decorate the perimeter and possibly other architectural features of the space for $400. Uplighting is included in our bundles that come with our full lighting package.


The Matt McCallie Orchestra is the most flexible and versatile music group in St Louis, Missouri. We can expand our orchestra to any size with more instruments, a choir, and we also cover far more styles of music than any other local band. And if you are looking for a smaller, more intimate ensemble or a midsize option you can use our event form to indicate exactly what you need.


Pricing, included features, and conditions are all detailed in our event form on the booking page of our website. Compare the quality of our entertainment, ensembles, musical variety, professionalism, and flexibility with other acts throughout the United States on our blog where you will find links to websites listing the costs of other bands and DJs to prove how well our value compares to the competition. We think you will be pleased.

“They were better than Michael Bublé,

Manhattan Transfer, and Michael Jackson

all wrapped into one!‘