We will gladly communicate with your venue and

event coordinator to make certain all details

are finalized well in advance.

We've planned wedding music almost overnight

but we aim to have all of the details finalized months

ahead of every performance.

When               Where               What               How Much               How Long

We have performed for audiences as large as several thousand and have the experience and expertise to

plan for nearly any type of performance.

Acoustic Ensembles

String instruments are often over a century old and easily

damaged by direct sunlight, excessive heat or cold, and

any sort of precipitation.

If performing outdoors a tent is usually required and setting up in front of a building, bushes, or trees, and upwind of the audience

with the sun and wind to the musicians' backs can help our

sound project and make it easier to read our music.




Audience Statistics

Band Types

Custom Song Arrangements

Date Of Performance

DJ Break Music

Electrical Supply

Entertainment Budget

Green Room



Load In

Master Of Ceremonies


Music Styles

Parking Instructions

Party Theme

Performance Location

Performance Schedule


Setup & Teardown Times


Stage Size

Travel Time & Costs

Weather Considerations

Wireless Microphone


A great deal of preparation goes into every performance.

We aim to have every detail finalized months in advance.

As you fill out your event form it is very helpful to be

as thorough and detailed as possible.


Please include stage dimensions in your event form or at least confirm with your wedding coordinator and venue that plenty of space will be left for the band to load in, setup, perform, and teardown. We will gladly contact them ourselves at your request.

When creating a performance estimate we need to know that our sound system, lights, musicians, instruments, stands, and other equipment will fit. Empty cases for all of our gear might not make the most ideal backdrop for your wedding photos and videos so we try

to cover every possible detail well before the performance date.

Setup & Teardown

For large and amplified ensembles please allow at least

four hours of setup time for our crew of roadies. This time includes our load in, setup, and soundcheck.

Teardown can usually be completed in under three hours. Please make certain to coordinate with your venue to ensure you have it booked for enough time to include setup and teardown

Our truck and trailer are used for most band configurations

and require a parking and unloading space at least

50' long and over 8' high.


To complete the soundcheck each amplified instrument will be checked independently and with each other. The full band will then soundcheck a few songs at performance volume to set levels and properly adjust microphones, instruments, monitors, and other items.

Stage Layout

The following image depicts a rough layout of one of our larger Grand Orchestra options. We've squeezed onto tighter stages but more space is always desirable. Our smaller ensembles require

much less floor space.