We can provide almost any size and type of band at your request.

Tell us what you want when you send us your event form and we'll build you a custom ensemble for the perfect sound.















Choose your favorite songs, styles, and artists and we can make suggestions

for an instrumentation that will sound amazing for all of your selections.

Types Of Bands

Acoustic Guitar / Vocalist

Acoustic Pop/Rock Ensemble

Big Band

Blues Band

Country Band

Dance Band

Horn Band

Jazz Combo

Jazz Orchestra

Motown Band


R&B Band

Rock Band

Singer / Songwriter

Solo Piano

String Quartet

Swing Band

Variety Band

What is perhaps most unique and impressive about The Matt McCallie Orchestra is that we not only cover nearly every popular style of music from the last few centuries, we do it all with great authenticity.

Whether we're covering the smooth soul and funk of the '70's, classic rock from hair bands of the '80's, acoustic folk ballads from the '60's, swing from the Roaring '20's, the modern vibe of Top 40, or the contrapuntal polyphony of classical greats we do it all with equal conviction and musicality.

No other band in St. Louis, Missouri can provide so many hours of live music with such tremendous variety.

The more stylistic variety you are looking for the larger the band you will want in order to maintain as much authenticity as possible.

This band does not comprimise on sound by approximating string and horn parts on a synthesizer. Most of our songs have parts written for over 50 instruments. Many are composed for over 100 musicians!

String Quartet

The Matt McCallie Orchestra's St. Louis String Quartet has quickly become a favorite in St. Louis for it's huge variety of both classical and contemporary music.

Our string quartet consists of a traditional acoustic instrumentation with two violins, a viola, and a cello.

We can customize our strings group by providing a trio, duo, or soloist.

Some of our musicians also play other instruments and can switch to guitar, piano, and sing accompanied by the strings. We are very versatile.

Since our string quartet is so special we have a page where you can learn more about it by clicking HERE.