Master Of Ceremonies

Commonly referred to as M.C. or an emcee. We can provide this service free of charge with any band using an amplified vocalist.

Our wedding reception planning document is available to

help organize every announcement.

DJ Break Music

One of our most popular options is our pre-recorded DJ (Disc Jockey) music to keep the party going when the band takes its breaks. We offer this option to any already amplified band for a nominal fee. Our DJ library has over 18,000 songs and with advanced notice we can add requests. You can mail us a CD or flash drive with your songs for us to use. To learn more about preparing recorded music for DJ usage please refer to our blog.

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Lighting for the stage and dance floor is one of our most popular options. Our lights have built in microphones to adjust automatically with our music. This system is also fully compatible with a DMX controller and can be integrated to perform as part of a

larger lights show to work with other vendors.

Photographers love the effects of our lighting systems for the colors that add interest and excitement to every photo. Our lighting can be used for different types of effects placed behind the band to reflect on the musicians and their instruments as it shines to the dance floor, or placed against walls, pillars, or other objects as decorative uplighting. Colors can be sequenced to match existing themes.


Working with other musicians and instruments is totally possible. We will gladly provide our band to backup a vocalist, organist, harpist, etc. of your choosing. As long as all of the musicians can be literally on the same page; reading the same arrangements we can perform together harmoniously.

Photography / Videography

Professional photographers perform in our band and we have experience working closely with others shooters we are happy to recommend. For video we can film in cinematic 24p 4K using a gimbal, crane, dolly, slider, shoulder rig, lighting, micing, green screen, and other cinematic video tools. We can even shoot 4K video and stills with our DJI drone!

Custom Song Arrangements

For something truly special and unique you can commission us to write a custom arrangement of almost any song.

To learn more about having us write something special

for you visit our blog.